Welcome to My Humanities Portfolio!

This portfolio will explore the effect language has on the human experience and how it has been used a catalyst for change, and also oppression.

Throughout my young childhood my family moved all over the globe as a result of my dad being in the military. This included a 3 year period where we lived in Japan. While I lived there I was exposed to a whole new culture and language. As an outsider, it left me struck how language is the only way that we are able to communicate our human experience to others. This experience had a profound effect on the person that I am today and how I see the world.

I wanted to expand upon this experience and use what I learned in my Humanities 103/104 class to explore the effect of language on the units that we studied this year. As you explore the different tabs pay close attention to the large titles at the top of the pages. These titles describe how I am connecting this aspect of my portfolio to my theme. and what I think the reader can learn about the nature of language from this page. Also, I have expanded the ends of my Unit posts to comment on what the post topic says about language.

I hope you enjoy exploring my portfolio! I recommend starting with my definitions of Revolution and Humanities and then exploring how ever you like after that!